The Difference Between Remodeling vs Renovation

Remodeling and Renovation are terms that are often used interchangeably in sectors such as real estate, construction and interior design. Although they both involve making changes or improvements on an existing property, they both mean different things.

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Renovated house

What is Remodeling in Real Estate?

Remodeling is the process involved in creating something new entirely. It involves reconstructing a part of a house in order to change the appearance. This could involve changing the features, facilities, designs within the house. 

Remodeling also involves changing the structure and function of an existing room or space within the house. It is aimed at giving the house or room a new look and feel. Remodeling is usually considered when a mere renovation will not achieve the goal. If the house is poorly designed or not well designed to suit its occupants’ needs, then a remodeling might be necessary. 

Remodeling in real estate

What is Home Renovation in Real Estate? 

Renovation means to restore to a previous or better condition. This has to do with refurbishing or renewing in order to improve the conditions. Houses that have not been properly maintained or have become dilapidated are what go through renovation. 

Renovation can be major or minor depending on the extent of the damage or repairs needed on the property. The activities carried out in a renovation could include re-painting, refacing cabinets, installing new light fixtures, or adding other finishes and fixtures. Renovation can be carried out on different basis such as personal preferences, adding value to the home so as to sell it faster, or making basic repairs like leaking roof, plumbing errors and so on. 

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Difference between Renovation and Remodeling

There are a few major differences between renovation and remodeling. It is important to understand these differences when trying to make changes so you can properly budget and plan for it. 

Extent of Repairs

Renovation does not necessarily focus on changing the look of a room but rather on making repairs on an existing structure to make it look fresher, more up to date and more efficient. Remodeling however, involves changing the use of a certain space, its functionality and any other thing needed to make it look different. 

In renovating your house, you are only just upgrading the standard while in remodeling you are changing the style entirely. A remodeling is more in-depth than renovation, it could even require breaking down walls to create more space in a room while renovation might just involve repainting the room. 


Remodeling is usually more expensive than renovating because of the level of work it entails. This is why it is important to know the difference so you can know what you’re signing up for when making changes in your property. 

Renovation, depending on the extent, can be done by yourself but remodeling mostly requires the services of professionals and this is what makes it more expensive. 

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Renovation in real estate

Deciding on which of the processes to go for when working on your property is very important. It is also important that you have a working budget for either a renovation or remodeling so you do not get stuck along the way. 

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