Sourcing for Clients in Real Estate in Nigeria, 2021

There is an increase in Nigeria’s population rate which means that there is also an increase in the demand for housing and accommodation. This is why the real estate industry is a very lucrative one. 

However, for a business to thrive, including real estate, there is a constant need for patronage. Clients are needed in real estate for you to remain in business and you must constantly source for them. 

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Types of clients in real estate

There are different types of clients in real estate just as there are diverse real estate investment opportunities.  Some clients can be interested in acquiring property for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. As a real estate agent, you have to decide on the niche you want to focus on for a period of time. Some agents deal with luxury properties, while some specialize in property development. 

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How to get your first client in real estate

When starting out as a real estate agent, you have to maximize your sphere of influence. That is, friends, family and people you have probably done business with in the past. Any of them can be your first client or link you to your first client.

How to talk to real estate clients

How you present yourself determines the perception your clients would have of you. They might have probably searched online about real estate agents so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. 

How do real estate agents find clients?

There are different ways you can find clients as a real estate agent. You can begin by talking to people you already know, your friends and family. You have probably already built trust with these people and in every business, trust is important. Other ways are:

Ask for referrals

Businesses thrive on word of mouth or referral, so you must devise a strategy to utilize this in your real estate business. Try to keep in touch with past clients through emails, texts or calls. This would help you occupy their minds and contact you whenever they or someone else needs your service. You can also create a reward system like a gift for any customer who refers you to other people. 


Networking provides so many opportunities. It also grants you access to certain vital information or contacts that would be beneficial to your business. Attend meetings and conferences. Be ready and prepared to offer value as well. This is how you stand out and get other people’s attention. 

Online Presence

We are in the digital age and almost every business is taking advantage of the internet. Establishing an online presence for your business is crucial and should not be overlooked. You can create a professional website so people can locate you from wherever they are and also contact you easily. This is where you also create a reliable brand identity that people can trust.

Social Media platforms

Various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram can be useful tools in sourcing for clients. These platforms enable you interact with customers and potential real estate buyers. Always try to establish yourself as an authority by offering value through your posts. 

Sponsored Adverts

You can also run sponsored ads in sourcing for clients. This means that you have to know your target audience and the niche you’ve chosen to dwell on. Your sponsored ads could include quality videos and pictures of real estate investment opportunities. You can also do an introductory video containing your name, background, mission, sales history, so your clients can connect with you on a more personal level. 


Clients’ testimonials can be the convincing factor for a client looking to buy real estate. Testimonials come from satisfied clients so you must make sure you deliver on your promises. You shouldn’t also force your clients to give testimonials, it should be done if they’re willing to do so. 

Content marketing

This is also a good way to source for clients. By providing valuable and relevant content to your target audience, you establish a differentiated presence for your brand and make them more aware of your brand and willing to do business with you. 

real estate clients, real estate investment

How to impress clients in real estate

The goal is to impress your clients so much so that they are willing to refer you to other potential customers. You can achieve this by: 

Being professional at what you do: When you deliver on your promises to your customers they would stay loyal to you and also refer you to other potential customers. 

Carving a niche for yourself: This would help you stay focused and serve your clients better. This would also aid in referrals from clients you have worked with before hand when any opportunity comes up.

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Real Estate in Nigeria is a booming business that could yield great profit for you. If you can leverage on it effectively, you could move from being a real estate beginner to a real estate professional in no time. 

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