Security Tips in Real Estate

One of the top needs of humans is to have shelter and be secure. With the alarming rate of insecurity in the country, it is important to take necessary measures towards securing your properties. 

Be it commercial or residential properties, taking due diligence to secure your buildings, apartments, office should not be taken for granted. We will be looking at some security tips for both residential and commercial buildings.

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Security Tips for residential buildings

Residential properties are designed for accommodation purposes, it could be two or three bedroom apartments, mini flats or self con. Whichever category your home falls into, it is necessary to secure yourself, family and valuables. Here are some security tips that would be helpful:

Proper screening of potential tenants: It is important that you interview tenants interested in renting your apartment before deciding whether to proceed or not. This is necessary so they do not become a source of danger to fellow tenants in the building. 

Lights: Lights are very important. Make sure your property is well lit up as this would prevent unwanted individuals from lurking around or finding a place to hide. Corridors, backyards, parking spaces should be well lit up so unwanted individuals can be easily detected.

Proper Storage of Valuables: Valuable items should not just be left lying around in plain sight. They should be properly kept in safe spots and out of sight. Don’t put them in visible places such as the window. 

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Doors and Bolts: Special attention should be paid to the doors, bolts and locks. They should be of superior quality. Always make sure they’re in good shape and properly working. If any of your keys have gone missing, it is advisable to change the locks in case someone tries to duplicate it. 

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Gate and Fence: Your building should have a gate and fence to keep intruders out. Leaving the property open to just anyone could be dangerous. Only occupants of the building should have keys to the gate and the fence could also have barbed wires placed on it for reinforcement.

security tips in real estate

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Security Tips for Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings are designed as a hub for different business transactions to be carried out. It is designed to cater for profit generating activities and houses various businesses according to its capacity. 

For businesses to keep running successfully, they also have to be kept secure. Your clients and customers need to know that they’re in safe hands. News of a robbery would definitely not do well for your business. More reasons why you need to secure your commercial building. Here are some security tips to help you do so: 

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Installing security cameras: CCTV cameras are one of the surest ways of securing your property. With these cameras well placed around different parts of the building, you can monitor different activities and respond quickly if there’s any foul play suspected.

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Security Guard: Hiring a security guard to constantly patrol the vicinity is also a good security measure. The presence of a well trained guard/guards would deter miscreants from making any attempts on the building. The guard would also help verify and monitor the individuals who enter and exit the premises.

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Secure your parking lot: Parking lots can sometimes be the perfect scene for theft or harassment to occur because of its secluded nature. Make sure there are security cameras and adequate lighting placed there as well as patrol guards to ensure the environment is safe. 

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Alarm system: An alarm system would monitor all the entry points into the building and activate if there’s unusual or forced entry into the building. It works with sensors placed at various points in the building that the security team can monitor as well. This would alert the security officials and other staff so they can respond as soon as possible. 

Gate and Fence: Commercial buildings are also safer when fenced and gated. This is a security measure that cannot be taken for granted. 

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Security measures are never too expensive or extravagant because it would save you from having to lose more in the future. This is why at MKH, we make sure our properties and estates are built with the necessary security features in mind to make sure they are well secured. 

With gated estates and security officials to ensure your maximum safety, purchasing any of our properties would be a very safe and profitable investment. You can contact us here to order an inspection or to get more information. 

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