Property Inspection Checklist For Nigerians

A property inspection is carried out to check out the condition of the property before proceeding to purchase a property or rent out your property. 

It is always advisable to carry out a property inspection so you don’t miss out hidden defects or areas of maintenance needs the house might have. When looking to buy or rent a property, a property inspection saves you time and money, and helps you decide whether to go through with the transaction or not. It also helps to maintain a good relationship between the Landlord and the tenant or the seller and the buyer as the case may be. 

What is a Property Inspection Checklist?

A property inspection checklist is a list of areas to take note of when inspecting. It is best to have a property inspection checklist to guide you when going for a property inspection because there are so many things to look out for. Some of them include:

Foundation: You have to examine the structural integrity of the house so it doesn’t pose problems later. 

Plumbing: You should check the plumbing services. Be sure the pipes are flowing well and are not clogged up, restricting water flow or leaking. Also, check if the house has a proper drainage system. 

Electricals: Checking the electrical connections and appliances is also very important. Check if the cables are working. You need to ask critical questions. Are the sockets working? Is there any sign of overheating from the fuse? Has there been a fire outbreak in the house before? 

Walls and Roofings: check for leakages in the roof, cracks in the walls, in the ceilings and where the walls join the ceilings. Major cracks in the walls could spell danger.  Also check the walls for water leakages. 

Ventilation: Check if the rooms are properly ventilated. Inspect each rooms to confirm that services (plumbing, electrical and so on) installed are working properly. You should also check the doors and windows to be sure they open and shut properly.

There are other things that could come to your notice when carrying out a property inspection. Just make sure you have an idea of what to look out for during the inspection and decide on  what your deal breakers are in advance. 

This is why the services of a professional property inspector are sometimes required to have a more thorough look at the property. At MKH, our inspection days are on Saturdays or any other day that would be suitable for our clients. We have vehicles that would take you to any of our estates you’re willing to invest in for inspection. Potential clients can reach out to us here for more details on this.

As a landlord, you must give your tenants due notice before coming to carry out a property inspection. And this should be carried out at scheduled times. It is advisable to include this in the tenancy agreement before renting out to avoid disputes. 

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The entire process of property inspection could be quite stressful but would definitely save you more stress in the future. We work with clients to guarantee the functionality and profitability of their buildings. Contact us here for more details.

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