How to Become A Luxury Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Luxury Real Estate is one of the profitable areas of investment in real estate and there are agents that are skilled in handling these kinds of transactions. Investing in luxury real estate requires a lot of funds and clients do not want to fall prey to fake agents. This is why becoming a real estate agent to high end clients goes beyond the norm and requires a lot of work. 

Before deciding to carve a niche for yourself in luxury real estate, it’s necessary to have gathered some experience in the general real estate industry before deciding to settle for one. 

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Luxury Real Estate in Nigeria

Who is a Luxury Real Estate Agent?

A luxury real estate agent is a person who handles different kinds of transactions in luxury real estate. Being a luxury real estate agent comes with certain benefits as valuable business connections, higher commission rates from any luxury property sold. 

Luxury Real Estate agents usually deal with high profile clients who can afford the kind of properties listed in luxury real estate. These properties usually comprise high class amenities, strategic locations that are easily accessible and so on. 

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How to Attract High End Real Estate Clients

Luxury real estate buyers could be quite demanding and require more attention when carrying out a transaction. As a luxury realtor, you should be willing and available to attend to their questions and allay their fears and concerns. This is where your expertise comes into play so you can be sure the property you’re listing is worth the price. You can co-list with an experienced realtor if you’re still new in the business for a guaranteed excellent result. 

Treat them in a way that is commensurate with their social class. Be particular about little details such as the venue for your meeting points, ordering an exclusive cab if necessary and so on. Take due diligence to survey every loophole before meeting your client to save time and prevent going back and forth. 

You can also reach out to professionals in other fields such as lawyers, journalists, business executives and many more who deal with high end clients. 

Luxury Real Estate Agent

Challenges Luxury Real Estate Agents Face

While there are many perks that come with focusing on the luxury real estate niche as an agent, there are also some challenges luxury real estate agents face. A major one is the limit in number of high end clients as not every investor would be readily available to invest in high end properties. 

Luxury real estate agents also face the problem of properties listed in the markets spending longer time before being sold. Another issue of concern for luxury real estate agents is gaining the trust of their clients’. Trust is a very key element in luxury real estate and earning your clients’ trust could sometimes be a herculean task because of the high funds being channeled towards the investment.  

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Luxury Real Estate

Tips to Becoming a Successful Luxury Real Estate Agent

Get appropriate certifications

As a luxury real estate agent, you should get a license and other necessary certifications. This adds to your professionalism and makes your clients take you more seriously. 

Create a virtual presence that portrays expertise

Many people search for realtors online now before deciding to work with him or her. Maximize various online platforms so you can pop up in their search feed. This also involves branding yourself in such a way that people would be willing to trust and work with you. 

You should not also be found wanting on social media. Have accounts and engage with your followers, friends, subscribers whatever the case may be on social media. Your account should not be dormant as this could send the wrong signals to potential clients.

Dress the part

As a real estate agent to a high profile client, you should always appear smart and well put together.  Invest part of your funds in your wardrobe. As simple as it may seem, it could make or mar the deal you’re trying to close. 


Connect with colleagues in the same field. When it comes to luxury real estate, you have to get used to not working solo all the time. You might need the help of other colleagues to bring the buyer or to list the property for more exposure.

You could also link up with luxury real estate agents from other parts of the country or world. This would come in handy just in case a luxury real estate buyer plans to relocate and could be headed in your direction. 


You can also carry out research to track their performance level, what are the industry norms and trends and how you can change it. This research would enhance your learning experience. 

You need to know all you can know about the luxury world. This would help you interact with your clients more effectively and better understand them. Attending luxury events and functions would also give you the opportunity to network. 

Have a solid follow up process

Always try to follow up on your clients or potential clients even if they do not get to buy immediately. They might eventually convert later or be willing to refer you to other high end clients because of the relationship you’ve established with them. 

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Being a luxury real estate agent requires constant improvement on your skills and expertise so you don’t get left behind. You should attend trainings and events, read books, listen to or watch video and audio materials that would help sharpen your skills. This is how you grow and become a successful luxury real estate agent. 

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